s.w. one

Reggae island blue print

 The Reggae Island, is an exclusive reggae bar and grill for those who want to relax, after a hard day's work. It Offers it's clients a wide range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, and also serves a variety of grilled meat to compliment the drinks.

The Reggae island plays only reggae music, and has an inhouse band called S.W. One, which does not engage in playing copyright music, but their own original reggae songs. There is no place like this in town. The S.W. One band will feature at the Reggae Island on friday and saturday evenings for the enjoyment of the clients.

At first glance, the Reggae Island looks like just another spot, but it is actually a channel by which the S.W. Band will gain prominence, and it is interesting to note that the owners and managers of the Reggae Island, are also the owners, managers, and members of the S.W. One Band.

The C.E.O. of the Reggae Island,(Sabato), is the drummer, percussionist, and song writer of the Band, and the Deputy C.E.O. is also the lead vocalist, and songwriter for the band. The band members are also part of the staff of the Reggae Island, and this is the partnership that puts the Reggae Island and the S.W. One band ahead of the pack.

The Reggae Island will also have a big screen T.V.,to enable the clients to watch important live events, and sporting activities going on around the world.

Internet facilities will be made available for clients who may wish to browse the net, or check their mail every now and then.

To add to all these, anytime an international reggae musician visits the country, arrangements will be made for that personality to play a live gig at the Reggae Island, to give it the international flavour that it seeks to portray, and at the same time, give the S.W. One band the platform to stand toe to toe with any international reggae band.

This will also create opportunities for the band to get international gigs outside Ghana, as well as spread their music and the name of Ghana on the international music scene.

With a setup like this, there is really no competition for the reggae island, and in a very short time will capture the market in terms of entertainment.

The C.E.O. and deputy C.E.O. have a rich experience in managing the Reggae Island after working for so many years in the formal sector. Proper management proceedures will be followed and everything will be documented to facilitate the keeping of accounts, and also for auditing purposes.

Even though they are the owners, the C.E.O. and deputy will be seperated from the company, and will receive salaries just like any other staff of the Reggae Island.

All information will be computerised with back up copies to ensure safety of records,and there will be strict adherence to modern business practices which will ultimately lead to the growth of the business.

With the above in place, there is no doubt at all that the Reggae Island will be the place to be, and as a result, a lot of business will be generated.

An exclusive reggae joint, a great reggae band, a big screen television, internet facilities, matured and serious management, professional and friendly staff, and a great atmosphere; what more can one ask for?

S.W. One Discography.

All the songs below were composed and arranged by Sabato and Deh Wof at the S.W. One Studios, Kanda, Accra, Ghana.

Glory Be

1. Glory be

2. Day By Day

3. Divine power

4. I love the music

5. Children of Jah Army

6. Divine Provision

7. Receiving End

8. Divine Protection

9. Jah Light

10. My People

Jah Time

1. Crucial Time

2. Equality

3. Jah Time

4. Jah Work

5. O Jah

6. Our Father

7. Prodigal Son

8. Shame

9. Sharing Passions

10. Worry No More

Missing You

1. Great Opportunities

2. Halelujah

3. Heart Breaker

4. It's Not Easy

5. Keep Moving On

6. Missing You

7. Shorts Cuts

8. So Hard

9. Stick A Pin

10. Why

Thank You Lord

1. Sharing

2. Right Man

3. Hungry

4. My Burden

5. Blessed

6. Excellence

7. Thank You Lord

8. The Difference

9. What Goes Around

10. Marie

The Stone

1. The Stone

2. Jah Knows

3. Jah

4. I Wish

5. Loving Jah

6. My Keeper

7. Your Water

8. One Day

9. That Day

10. Keep My Eyes On The Road