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   S.W. One is a reggae band established in December of 2006 by Anthony Quashie (sabato), and Kwame Kwaw-Swanzy (Deh Wof). Sabato and Deh Wof are very close friends, who are both former students of St. Augustines College, Cape Coast. After they completed school, they both worked in the formal sector for over ten years, before they set up a recording studio to start their music careers. 

A year after establishing the studio, they released their first album called Glory Be, but it had to be launched with a live band, so S.W. One Band was formed. This is a nine piece band, but will later end up as a fifteen piece band, and their brand of music is roots rock reggae fused with strong african rythms, and soulful melodies (soul Food).

Glory Be was Launched on 30th December 2006 by the S.W.One band, and the album received considerable airplay on the radio.

In April Of 2007, S.W. One entered a song for the LOC CAN 2008 theme song competition, and consequently they were selected for the finals of the song and poem competition. There were over 6000 entries, and out of these, eight finalists were chosen including S.W. One, to perform their songs with a live band to determine the over all best song, in a final showdown. This was held at the forecourt of the LOC secretariat on the 9th of June 2007, and S.W. One ended up as the 1st runner up.

On the 5th of September 2007, S.W. One was invited to perform at a show at the British Council titled ' Joseph Danquah At Cafe Rococo', and it turned out to be one of their best performances.

All this while there had been a growing demand for S.W. One by reggae fans in the capital, so on the 30th of November 2007, they took part in a reggae show organised by Jah Work Production at the Roxy cinema in Accra. It was a great show for S.W. One, and they established themselves as a force to reckon with in the reggae industry. It was their last show for the year 2007.

 S.W. One intends to make the music industry better by embracing professionalism and doing away with mediocrity. This agenda will be executed by establishing an exclusive reggae bar with live shows featuring the reggae bands which are prepared to follow the path of professionalism and excellence. This exclusive reggae bar, 'The Reggae Island,' will also cater to the needs of good music lovers, especially reggae fans who do not have anywhere to enjoy their kind of music exclusively.

 S.W.One believes that 'The Reggae Island' will bring about a musical revolution which will see all musicians using live bands to perform their acts, and this will definitely improve the quality of shows that people pay money to attend. The promoters and sponsors of musical concerts will also benefit immensely as more people will be attending shows, thereby making it possible for them to maximise the returns on their investments in these events, and some of these shows could even be taken onto the international stage.

 With regard to music quality, arrangement, lyrical content and depth, S.W. One is clearly ahead of the pack, and they see it as a responsibility to ensure that mediocrity is done away with, by also using their recording studio (s.w. one studios), to nurture and grow the many talented musicians in the country who may wish to attain greater heights in their musical careers.This will in turn increase the marketing potential of music produced in Ghana, on the international market.

S.W. One has over five albums waiting to be released, and they rehearse very seriously for all their shows.

S.W. One Statement:-

'We call on all those who wish to see the betterment of the music industry in Ghana and especially those who love reggae music to join us in making this dream a reality. We enjoy and appreciate the music of musicians from all over the world, so why is our music also not appreciated that much? After all, how different are we from Bob Marley, Joseph Hill (culture), Winston Rodney (Burning Spear), Steel Pulse, Peter Tosh, Third World, and the other great musicians of our time? Look at what music did for them, and their countries. The only way out is to do away with mediocrity and embrace excellence.'

'All Men Are Equal In The Sight Of The Most High.'

S.W. One Band

Sabat and deh wof going on stage

S.W. one receives a price from abedi pele

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